We don’t like unnecessary work and we don’t impose unnecessary services on clients. When you come to us with a problem, you will be offered only real effective ways of solving it. Everything is clear, specific, without unnecessary gestures. Everyone who has worked with us has never come to another lawyer. Not a single client has left us for another lawyer, all our clients remain satisfied, because we are honest and responsible to our commitments to our clients.

How is the price for legal services formed?

Basically, the cost of legal services is formed on the basis of the time spent by the lawyer to write this or that document, the time to support the case in court or the solution of this or that problem. For example, if we take the writing of the claim for divorce, which is the simplest among the lawsuits, the writing itself will be spent only an hour, plus the printing and formation of a package of documents will take another hour, and in general the entire work will take no more than three hours. But if you take the writing of the claim for the recognition of the right of ownership of real estate by inheritance, then on such a claim can take about three days. After all, in such a claim to describe a lot of things, to list all the property, to view judicial practice, if the situation is non-standard, to understand the jurisdiction. Plus, printing out and preparing a package of documents takes a lot of time.

Also, the cost depends on how often we deal with this category of cases. For example, if we take the most common legal disputes with PrivatBank, the cost of writing a withdrawal (objections) to the claim of the Bank we have a minimum. Why? Because this category of cases is for us a template. That is, we, even without seeing the case in the eyes, we already know what and where to write, and withdrawal form in court with all the necessary decisions of the Supreme Court, we are already prepared. Due to this, it turns out that a complicated seven-page revocation, which describes all the decisions of the Supreme Court in this category of cases, we prepare literally in two hours.

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The situation with court hearings is similar. If the session is held in the district court of Kyiv, for example, to bring the client to administrative responsibility for drunk driving, then, as a rule, it does not take much time. And if the session takes place in Kyiv Court of Appeal, you can spend a whole day waiting for your court session.

Also, the price formation includes the cost of maintaining the office, utilities, attorney at law in Kiev taxes and contributions to the bodies of the lawyer’s self-government, the cost of paper, stamps, refill cartridges. So legal services cannot be very cheap.

Legal services for individuals

LEGAL CONSULTATIONS. When you call us, you are immediately directed to a lawyer, and you can get a free consultation on your issue. The free consultation over the phone is short and concerns only general issues. A more detailed consultation held in the office of the company on a fee basis with the study of documents. And you yourself understand, how is it possible without seeing any documents to recommend something to the person by phone. Moreover, as practice shows, many clients do not speak legal terms, for example, for them that the decision of the court that the order of the court, it is one and the same, and for the lawyer – these are different documents, and, talking on the phone, customers often mislead a lawyer from the banal lack of understanding of legal terms. Therefore, some general recommendations we can give for free over the phone, but if you need to understand the situation more specifically and give practical recommendations, it is better, of course, to do in the office on a fee basis after the study of your documents.

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Also, we have an online chat room set up on our website. The online chat button is on every page of the site in the bottom right corner. This is very convenient because you can ask us directly, without calling, whether we are dealing with this or that issue, get a brief consultation, make an appointment for a specific time, and so on. We try to be always online to answer your questions, even on weekends and after hours.

In addition, any documents and questions you can send us by email, WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram.

COURT REPRESENTATION. We carry out legal representation of clients in court proceedings. Full support of cases in court. Support includes preparation for a court session, drawing up of necessary procedural documents, development of judicial defense strategy and direct participation of a lawyer in court sessions.

Support of judicial processes in civil, commercial and administrative cases. Also, we accompany the courts as a defender in the processes of bringing clients to both administrative and criminal responsibility.

Legal services for business

Business directors, business owners, as well as persons related to management positions understand how valuable timely legal assistance is. And normal services are valued, where it is clear to the enterprise what the legal company is doing, what issue is being solved at this particular time, and when it will be solved. Ambiguity and vagueness of the strategy of legal work scares most clients, and it should not be that way. But, unfortunately, this is how most law firms work in Ukraine. You pay for some legal work, not understanding why and what result it will bring. It seems like your legal counterparties do something, do something useful for you, but what exactly, it is not clear. Also, many companies like to impose unnecessary services. We, in turn, focus only on the most necessary, and do not even offer clients services that are like advertised pills “contribute” to the solution of the client’s problems.

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